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As the existence of this blog demonstrates, I am prone to collecting obsessions and fascinations with all manner of nerdy stuff. Something that’s been keeping me very busy of late (and contributes to the lack of regular blog updates) is Twitch streaming. This has meant learning the basics about streaming, sorting out technical issues, and continuously updating and fiddling with settings to give the impression that I have some idea of what I’m doing.

Most recently, my partner and I have been co-hosting Character Creation streams on Saturdays, with other game streams on weeknights. We’ve tried to keep each session to about two hours.

So what’s the point of watching other people play games, or of messing around playing games while other people watch? In other words, what are we trying to achieve? After thinking about it for a while, I realised that I had a whole list of reasons. I figured that posting it as a blog update was a good idea – if only as a reminder to ourselves if we end up forgetting in a few months’ time. This is why we’re streaming:

  • Because we love playing games.
  • Because we love hanging out with our friends.
  • Because we want to do both at the same time.
  • Because we don’t get to spend enough time with people we like.
  • Because we have lots of cool games we’d like to play, but never have the time for, and we know you do too.
  • Because we seldom leave the house; because we live so much of our lives online.
  • Because it’s fun to have nonsense going in the background while you’re busy doing other things.
  • Because it’s like a soap opera, with less drama and no commitment, where you don’t need to remember what happened last time.
  • Because we like watching each other play games.
  • Because one day, maybe we could even make some money this way
  • Because while we’re waiting for that to happen, we get to play games and hang out with cool people!

Of course, part of that involves getting people to actually join in and participate. And since I’m on a mission to get more feedback about the blog and everything else we’re doing, this week’s poll is about Twitch.

We’ll post another poll to find out what the times people would prefer to watch, but right now our schedule looks like this (all times in South African Standard Time, or GMT +2):

Regular streamNo streamRegular streamNo streamSemi-regular stream Semi-regular streamOccasional stream
20:00-22:00 20:00-22:00 20:00-22:00 One or more:
Watch our socials!

Please note: these days and times are not guarantees, as such; they’re more of a guideline for when you expect to catch us live.

Having said that, we love our VOD viewers just as much! Please check out our Channel Feed for any highlights you might have missed. (Please remember that until we make affiliate, the VODs expire after 3 months, but you can revisit the clips and highlights any time you like.)

We would love for you to join us! So head over to our Twitch channel at any of the times listed and click the Follow button, or keep an eye on our Twitter feed @nerdverseZA for updates. Come hang out!

Specifically, what would you like to watch us do or play?

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