Hi! We’re ZwodderZA and GayGrimalkin, a couple of cis gay guys who also happen to be a couple! We created, run, and maintain NerdVerse.co.za in our spare time because we love nerdy things and we want to share them with you. We live in Cape Town with our two cats, and our ever-expanding collection of boardgames, tabletop RPGs, and figurines.

ZwodderZA (he/him; Managing Director): I’m a white South African who grew up gay and nerdy in a small town; today I find nerdy shit to obsess about all the time. I joined my first tabletop roleplaying game in my 20s and I’ve been hooked ever since. I write and edit for a living, but in my free time I blog about boardgames, RPGs, crafting, the creative or gaming-related projects my friends and I are involved in, cool shit that’s happening, various things that I think are great, and things that piss me off. My pet project is a series of posts filled with GMing advice for new players and GMs – people who, like me, came into the hobby late and did not always feel welcome. I also run and play as many RPGs as I possibly can. Social justice iop.

GayGrimalkin (he/him; Creative Director): I’m a gay person of colour who’s lived in Cape Town most of my life. I’m a cat dad and Earl Grey connoisseur, but in my dreams I’m simply The Egyptologist. I started writing The Adventures of Grogg Hammerfist because it allows me to express myself creatively and reminds me that there’s more to life than work. I enjoy creating inclusive, immersive worlds – and RPG characters worthy of being in a boyband. I love kaiju movies, dinosaurs, and Yu-Gi-Oh. If I could invite four people to dinner, it would be Jessica Lange, Grace Jones, Grace Coddington, and Sade.

We started this blog to keep track of all our nerdy obsessions, and to share some of what we learn along the way. We love tabletop RPGs, computer games, and boardgames. More than anything, we’d like to see a more diverse and representative community of nerds, and this blog is one way we’re trying to help make that happen.