Celebrating Good Friday with a Really Long Stream

Phew! What a week. We’ve been super busy getting all of our social media up and running and talking to one another, and I feel like celebrating. I figured, what better way to end a very productive week (and the start of the long weekend) than by lounging about in front of a PC – but playing games instead of working?

The only question is, which game would you enjoy watching? Note that I will probably try to play on ‘story mode’, where I read all the lore and listen to all the holotapes. Haha.

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Which game should we stream?

We’d also like your feedback about where you’d prefer to watch. We realise that not everyone is comfortable watching and engaging with us on stream, and some of us definitely prefer voice chat to typing. So let us know where you’d feel most comfortable chatting to us and engaging with other people.

If we wanted to stream some games, where would you feel most comfortable joining us?