Hype! Cosmic Horror and Conventions, oh my!

It’s FanCon in Cape Town this weekend! My partner and I have been going every year and it’s a great time all round. We get to wander around, ogling all the cool stuff, and occasionally even add something to our collection. Ah, the joys of nerddom! (Also, the expenses. Yeesh!)

It’s also a rewarding experience because I get to see local people making money off the things they produce – whether that is comics, or art, or a myriad types of crafting. In particular, I make a point of visiting the Sad Shirts stall because, hey, I know the owner. We used to work together, and contributed to the same blog for a long time. (You can see the kind of thing he writes on their site’s About page.)

I run a regular Call of Cthulhu game, and I usually wear one of the sad shirts. Like this handy little self-marketing one. I think I have about 5 or 6 of them now. (I lose count.) The designs are fun and it’s a lot of work to make and sell them, so buying one seems like a no-brainer.

FanCon charges R150 entry per day, but unlike another convention they don’t charge extra for panel discussions, signatures, or photos. If you have to pick one day to go, I would recommend Sunday, because that’s when they have their cosplay competition.

It’s also time for the Sound on Screen film festival. Which is a great excuse to talk about another two things I really love: film festivals and independent cinemas. This festival is run by the same people who started the South African Horrorfest, which has been running for 10 years or more, and it takes place at a local cinema that is one of its kind. So you can support an independent cinema while enjoying great music documentaries.

A highlight from a previous year was a documentary about metalheads in Botswana (March of the Gods) – spoiler, their bands are amazing – and the Strapping Young Lad concert film. This year’s festival features documentaries about Freddie Mercury, industrial music, and underground techno in Paris and Berlin. And R45 is not bad for a movie ticket these days.

Five comics, including Kwezi 1-9, Pathfinder and Ghostrider

(I’ll update this post at some point to explain the featured image, but I ran out of time this week. Lots to get ready before the weekend.)

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