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I’ll post our next boardgame-related post soon, but before I do, I thought I’d share something pretty damn cool.

The San Jenaro Co-Op published our fifth volume of short games this week! Volume 5 clocks in at 198 pages, consisting of eight games by different designers and some amazing artwork.

I edited five of these games, and each of them was a lot of fun to work on. Of course, my favourite thing about getting each issue is reading the games I haven’t seen before, so I’m really looking forward to checking out the others. I really recommend checking out the twitter threads below, and hey – they include a LOT of links to the cool people who made it happen. So go show them some love, alright?

Firs upt, a description for all the people who worked on this volume, from the official @sanjenarocoop account, with links to all of the individual contributors’ social media accounts:

Next, a great summary thread about the games in this edition:

Incidentally, James Barton (who posted that great summary) is one of the game designers whose work appears in this volume. You can find more of their folklore research at For this volume, they contributed “Cell Defense Center”, which was one of the games that I edited.

The other games I edited in this volume include the (long but fantastic) “Strange Aeons”, “Crying Fantasy Friends”, “Golden Watch Club”, and “Remember When” – each a completely different experience but all worth checking out.

And on the subject of giving credit, you should check out the work of Francita Soto and Dyer Rose, who did an amazing job on the layout and graphic design (despite very tight deadlines and lots of last-minute changes).

You can find a link to this and other issues of the Digest on our Products page. You can also find a lot more information about this volume in the following Twitter threads.

Hope you consider buying a copy or two (they’re cheap!). You’ll end up with a fantastic set of games, a great deal, and lots to entertain your friends with. You’ll also be supporting a lot of indie TTRPG creators. And check out the rest of the products and stores on our page, would you? Whenever you buy something using a link on our site, you support the work we do and we know that every little bit counts. So grab a few games and have a fantastic day.

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