FreeRPG Day & Kickstarter!

Happy #FreeRPGDay! What better way to celebrate than by downloading some FREE RPG STUFF? (Warning: this post contains a LOT of hype. But I am extremely excited by this whole thing.)

But first … Today I helped the #SanJenaroCoOp launch our first Kickstarter! This one is going to be a BLAST.

THE ROLEPLAYER'S GUIDE TO HEISTS By the San Jenaro Co-Op. A system agnostic collection of around 25 heists ranging from your standard bank jobs, to space-based sci-fi capers, to fantasy smash-jobs into a wizard's mind-realm. Support Us! Live on Kickstarter
The Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists!

The book will contain about 25 system-agnostic modules that you can drop into your existing game or run as one-shots with the #RPG system of your choice.

Maps! Diagrams! MacGuffins! And loot – lots and lots of shiny, shiny loot! What’s more, you can download a free preview right now that will give you hours of entertainment. Please consider supporting this project by checking it out on Kickstarter. You can get the PDF for $20. And if you really can’t afford that much, you can even get a cheaper copy by selecting the Hardship tier.

Note that if you want a hardcopy of the book, the printing will cost about $24 extra. And International shipping can be quite expensive. But at $20, the PDF is a steal! And you know what else I’ve discovered? Pulling off this kind of thing is much easier with friends. So consider clubbing in with the rest of your regular crew and get a hardcopy. You’ll get the PDF for free! (Also, you can decide when to have the book printed, so you don’t need to pay the full amount when the Kickstarter funds.)

Diagram of a theatre's floor plan
The floorplan of the Rouge Theater from Lights, Camera, Action!

You can find the various artists for the maps and artwork at the following links:

  • Daniel Walthall (
  • Dyer Rose (Twitter @BasiliskOnline)
  • Francita (Twitter & Instagram @byfrancita)

I joined the Co-Op while it was already in full swing, but watching it grow and produce actual products that you can buy/support has been amazing. You’re going to be seeing a lot more from this group of creators in the future – and the future looks fantastic.

The San Jenaro Co-Op has been super busy lately, releasing the Short Games Digest Vol. 1 and planning a whole slew of other projects. You can grab a free PDF with games from the SGD Vol. 1, plus a special preview of Volume 2, PLUS a short DnD module. I know it’s free, but it’s also AMAZING. Which makes it, like, the best value for money you can imagine. (AND you’re not giving money to terrible people.) Winning!

San Jenaro Co-Op Game Digest Free RPG Day Preview cover

Also: Falconian Productions (another member of the Co-Op) released a free RPG today, which I edited! It’s a really fun, quick game to learn, and you can play it even if you only know 1 other person who has time. All you need to play is a phone, a friend, and your imagination.

The micro-game is called You’ll Never Believe It and it’s basically a supernatural-themed improv/storytelling RPG that you play via text messages. It’s available on for PWYW.

You can download the PDF from (even after Free RPG Day).

Cover illustration, showing woman texting

If I sound like I’m ridiculously excited about this, that’s because I am. How excited am I? I edited this on a Saturday morning. This has been the most fun I’ve had in ages, and the work by the other Co-Op members is stellar. Support some cool people and get great RPG stuff – for free!

You will be able to find future projects from this project on DriveThruRPG, under the San Jenaro Co-Op publisher page.

In the meantime, you can help to hype the Kickstarter – and potentially get your own contribution added to the final book!

Transcript of the whole thread:

Your Heistsona Giveaway! Welcome thieves, grifters, and criminals of all kinds! None of us, not one, are the same. We all have different skills, styles, and motivations to do what we do! we wanna hear yours! Tell us about your #Heistsona!

When: June 10th to July 10th, 2019. Winner: Winner will be randomly drawn on July 11th from the pools using the #Heistsona tag and the Kickstarter link. You must include BOTH in your tweet to be eligible.

Reward: You/Your Heistsona will be immortalized within the Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists, drawn by our in-house artist, and will appear throughout the book providing sidebar content and little details.

How to Enter: Craft a tweet using the following criteria: – the Hashtag: #Heistsona (required) – The Kickstarter Link: (link: (required) – Include details of your Heistsona! (You do not need to be an artist to tell us about your Heistsona, text only is fine!)

How to Enter: Craft a tweet using the following criteria: – the Hashtag: #Heistsona (required) – The Kickstarter Link: (link: (required) – Include details of your Heistsona! (You do not need to be an artist to tell us about your Heistsona, text only is fine!)

The San Jenaro Co-op · @sanjenarocoop · 13 Jun 2019

It was a great writing prompt, so I decided to create my own #Heistsona. My first D&D character was a hobgoblin bard/alchemist, and I still have fond memories of playing him. So Pandaarus ended up being a bit of an inspiration. Enjoy!

An argonian character created in Elder Scrolls Online, wearing a wedding suit and playing a lute

Me? I’m a dragonborn bard, as if you couldn’t tell from my scales and this magnificent outfit. My name? You don’t need my name. You’ll know it soon enough. Soon everyone will know who I am. Right now? Right now I’m here to steal the heart of a god. Don’t believe me? Hah. That’s the idea. By the time they get the joke, it will be too late. No army of tieflings is going to stop me now.

My Heistsona, being cagey before his big score

Remember to check out the Kickstarter, and I hope you had a great day of Free RPGs.

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