Finding Geras in Tamriel

We love character creation

For me, character customisation is one of the best parts of playing games. I can quite happily spend my time choosing outfits, the colour scheme, and the physical features that make up the character I’ll be playing. One of my favourite games in terms of character customisation is Elder Scrolls Online, which I’m focusing on for this article.

Sources of inspiration

There are so many sources of inspiration when designing the look for your character. These can be: dreaming up a backstory for them, heroes and villains from comics, graphic novels, movies, television series, characters from other games, and if the settings allow you can even recreate a celebrity heartthrob. (I tried to create Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Soulcalibur VI, LOL.)

Characters I’ve customized in various games.

Turning my templar into Geras

For this particular character I’ve chosen Geras from Mortal Kombat 11. “Why him?” you may ask. The answer isn’t straight forward, LOL – I went a roundabout way until that particular idea struck me. Mainly because design for me is fluid and any bit of inspiration would set me off on a tangent. 

I was using a Redguard DPS Stamplar for PVE with my mates. At the start I had him looking like Sai Sahan’s long lost nephew as I was playing the Elsweyr DLC at the time and you interact a lot with Sai during the quests. He looked really good… like really good (said dreamily). I was very happy with his look until… 

A lengthy and bruising (to the ego) encounter in Black Haven dungeon showed how out of practise I was with that particular build, so I had to start looking at improving it. I looked through the skill lines I’ve unlocked and came across the Psijic skill line. Aha! How cool it would be stopping time and then DPSing the heck out of the baddies? Hmmm, meddling with time, that sounds cool… Who else meddles with time? Could it be – oh yes, Geras from MK11! To the internet for source material.

Finish Him!

I went through image after image of Geras, looking at what he wears, how he carries himself, his physique, facial details, etc. I start identifying certain elements that I would need to incorporate in order to get the right look and vibe. My aim was not to create a 100% accurate Geras but to create a character inspired by him.

So what makes Geras, well, Geras? And will the functionality and armor designs I have in ESO allow me to create him?

  • Loads of muscles: Check…: Easily done with the sliders in the character creation menu.
  • Bald head: Check…: Just select the “no hair” option.
  • Shiny lines on his body: Check….: I can use the psijic body and face markings.
  • Pale eyes: Check…:  Oracle eyes in the facial hair menu (still don’t know how that correlates)
  • Massive fist: Oh noooooo! Admittedly, this one had me stumped for a while. Gauntlets go on both hands, not just one – I settled on the Psijic Warden gauntlets because they are bulky. It still didn’t give me the desired effect though. The solution came with the build that uses the Storm Fist monster set. It creates a singular thunderfist that crushes the enemy. Perfect!
Geras as he appears in Mortal Kombat 11.

Geras Reawakened

So here’s the recipe I followed to create Geras. I used the ESO outfit station to change what he was wearing:

  • Head: Muttonchop Skullcap
  • Chest: Sai Sahan’s Jack
  • Shoulders: Stormfist’s Pauldrons
  • Waist: Daedric Girdle
  • Legs: Glass Greaves
  • Feet: Redguard Sabatons 2
  • Head Markings: Face imprint of the Psijic Order
  • Body Markings: Body imprint of the Psijic Order
  • Hairstyle: None
  • Facial Hair: Oracle Eyes
  • Dye: Blood Gold and Coldharbour Ashblack
  • Personality: Heroic

I hope you enjoyed this article! Other games that have really blown me away with the sheer level and scope of character customisation are Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Age Inquisition – take a peek at our Facebook page for more characters I’ve created.

Also, if you have any characters you’ve created that you want to share, head on over to our Facebook page and post some pics. I’d love to see them and exchange ideas.

Happy gayming!

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