ToneDark is the work of Antoine Blackler, who writes short stories and fairy tales when he’s not busy being a stellar web designer (he designed the new look for the NerdVerse blog, which we couldn’t be happier with). You can find his work for Kindle at Amazon, or connect with him at GoodReads.

Krystal Tales is a planned series of short stories all taking place within a new and strange fantasy world. You’ll meet your guide and confidant within it’s pages, who – through his fables and stories, will paint a picture of how it all came to be … and where it’s all going.

Summary from GoodReads

ZwodderZA: I’ve known Ant since 2003 when we worked together at my first job, and he was always one of my favourite designers to work with. So imagine my surprise when I found out he writes as well, also, too! I really enjoyed these stories. Also, his site is so much fun.