Plate Mail Games on DriveThruRPG

From the publisher:

Plate Mail Games was started by professional sound designer Wes Otis in 2013 to provide high quality audio and PDFs for tabletop games and LARPS. Our tracks cover every genre and each comes as both 320Kbps MP3 and FLAC files ready to be used with your favorite audio software. Simply pick the volume that works for you and your group, put it on loop and you’re all set. The tracks add depth while leaving the pace of the story to the GM. The background tracks is 10 minutes long while the single play tracks, such as the spell or music tracks, varies in length.

From NerdVerse:

I have used Wes’s atmosphere tracks consistently for all the games I’ve run over the last five years. It adds immensely to any gaming table, and I highly recommend adding a few to your library.