Short Games Digest, Vol. 5

Welcome to the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, Volume 5! Each game is completely self-contained and ready to play immediately with nothing but the Digest. Available as a PDF or in softcover. ZwodderZA edited a number of games in this volume. If you buy it from the affiliate link, we get a small fee and you also help fund NerdVerse!

From the product description:

Welcome to the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, Volume 5! FIVE!? Our fifth volume comes with some new and amazing faces involved! So many amazing people making such cool games! The San Jenaro Co-Op is out here bringing fresh and exciting games at accessible prices! Please tell your friends!

Check out some of what we’ve got in store for you:

  • Crying Fantasy Friends, a quiet game about former adventurers trying their best to retire.
  • A Year at Froggy Junction, where players create and explore a friendly but stratified town of sapient amphibians.
  • Strange Aeons, in which you play great demiurgic heroes as they guard the worlds against the endless hungers of the demonic Cacophonous Chorus. Feud among yourselves, seek glory in battle, and stand fast forever!
  • Kobold Kicthen, in which you play kobolds participating in a reality-show style cook-off to please a dragon.

And so many more!

The San Jenaro Co-Op is a collective of designers, writers, artists, and other creatives who believe in equal pay for equal contribution. Our books are 100% profit-shared, 100% creator-owned. So if this book does well, the creators do well.