Short Games Digest, Vol. 4

Welcome to the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, Volume 4! Each game is completely self-contained and ready to play immediately with nothing but the Digest. Available as a PDF or in softcover. ZwodderZA edited a number of games in this volume. If you buy it from the affiliate link, we get a small fee and you also help fund NerdVerse!

From the product description:

Welcome to the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, Volume 4! We’re back for a fourth volume with some new and amazing faces involved! So many amazing people making such cool games! The San Jenaro Co-Op is a fully operational machine of game making, and we want you along for the ride.

Check out some of what we’ve got in store for you:

  • Legacy of the Lost, a game about a crew that has made it their goal to be the keepers of knowledge; to uncover, interpret and protect the legacy of all those who may never be known again.
  • Feathers Sharp Like Razors, where you play spirits of vengeance that fight for the sake of isolated communities against the cruelties and excess of demonic overlords.
  • Keeping the Lights On, a GM-less game about a synagogue, and its surrounding community fighting to keep it running, trying not to burn out in the process.

And so many more!

The San Jenaro Co-Op is a collective of designers, writers, artists, and other creatives who believe in equal pay for equal contribution. Our books are 100% profit-shared, 100% creator-owned. So if this book does well, the creators do well.