Drops of The Blood: Sorcerous Rivals

Drops of The Blood: Spirits is a supplement for The Blood, compatible with the Basic Rules/Quickstart. You need those rules to make use of it.

Sorcerous Rivals

Vampires have existed for millennia, even if we’ve only recently given them their modern name. But they’re not the first supernatural being to come into existence within humanity’s bounds, and it’s quite possible they won’t even be the last. The earliest humans learned simple magics long before they were changed by the Blood, and in modern times it seems there’s always some strange new creature flitting about in the shadows. These Sorcerous Rivals seek out many of the same resources as vampires do, and it’s only a matter of time before decorum slips between them.

Drops of The Blood: Sorcerous Rivals contains setting information, rules, and creation mechanics for:

  • Witches and Warlocks, who tune into the flow of magic without giving up their mortal lives.
  • Cambions, magical beings born of the influence of the spirits.
  • Ghuls, undead beings who killed themselves by consuming raw Essence.
  • Freelancers, the mortal assistants and boots on the ground for more powerful supernatural beings.
  • Hunters, those who keep the supernatural in the dark (where it belongs) with combat prowess and antimagical Technics.

Drops of The Blood

Drops of The Blood is a small series meant to expand upon the Basic Rules (formerly Quickstart) of The Blood, bringing it closer towards what will eventually become the final version. Put them all together, and you’ll have something fairly close to a “core book” in substance, and in fact, when said consolidated core is released, those with Drops will get a discount on the full thing (to the point of getting it nearly for free if your collection is complete).

It’s a small experiment, in the end, a way to make the game playable from the start and to allow players and narrators alike to grow their games alongside our development process, picking and choosing what they want to see before the full release without any worry about their funds going to waste.

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