The Roleplayer’s Guide to Heists

South Africa

Heists are some of the most fun you can have during an RPG session – the in-depth planning, the nail biting execution, the thrilling escape and the glorious payoff! What’s not to love?

But heists can be hard to write and even harder to pull off properly. They take almost as much work as the real thing to plan, and that can bring your campaign to agrinding halt. Lucky for you, the San Jenaro Co-op is here to help!

The Roleplayer’s Guide To HeistsĀ is a system agnostic collection of 35 heists ranging from your standard bank jobes, to space based sci-fi capers, to fantasy smash-jobs into a wizard’s mind-realm. If you like stealing stuff (in games) and getting away with it, this book has everything you could want!

Each heist comes complete with a detailed map of the joint for you to properly case; oodles of scene hooks, enemies and traps, ideas for the getaway and of course the loot itself. With essays on the finer points of how to run heists in your campaign and tables full of security systems, adversaries and loot ideas, this book is ideal for any gaming table.