Introducing the language of board games

Join your hosts, Jacques van Heerden and Fayyaad Hendricks, on this episode where we discuss why we love board games and how we believe this podcast can help bring new people into the hobby, how it can help you become part of the conversation, and even help you find the games you’ll fall in love with, too.

As a hobby, board gaming has exploded in the last couple of years — more so in the past five years than ever before, with more and more people joining the hobby every year. At the same time, the industry has seen constant innovation, with a treasury of new board games being published every year — on Kickstarter and via hobby and gaming stores, not to mention geek or hobby conventions. With the board gaming industry projected to reach a value of about 30 billion USD by 2026, a great deal of creativity and effort is being invested in the hobby. That also means that consumers face a vast selection of games to choose from, which can often make the hobby feel intimidating and confusing.
Despite this, we believe board gaming should be fun, exciting, and above all accessible to everyone, which is why we started this podcast — to introduce the language people use when they talk about our favourite hobby. So whether you’ve just discovered modern board games for the first time, or whether you’re an experienced gamer who wants to clarify and explore specific terminology, this is the pod for you!

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