Why you should buy a copy of the Digest

One of the best things about functioning as a Co-Op is that it is a bunch of different people who are equally excited to see the work come to fruition. So there are plenty of lovely people online, talking about the final work being released to the wild, as it were.

That also means that there are many other people who are just as keen as I am to get the word out, to share their excitement, and talk about what it took to get the book done.

As the follow-up to my previous post, I thought I’d share some of their enthusiasm with you! I’m going to include a number of tweets on different aspects of the work. I highly recommend reading the rest of the twitter threads.

So: San Jenaro Co-Op presents The Short Games Digest Volume 2! A collection of more than 20 short role-playing games in a mix of genres and settings. Out now! on DriveThruRPG.

What’s in the book?

Firstly, here’s @BasiliskOnline, one of the stellar artists who has worked on all the Co-Op’s work and contributed more wonderful art to Volume 2:

Next is Generic Angst, who is one of the game designers who is now a regular contributor:

By far the most comprehensive thread was from James Barton, otherwise known as the Undead Author Society. (More about him below.)

You can find James on twitter as @realjamesbarton, or at his website, Undead Author Society. He also has a Patreon, so why not go and throw a good one some love and support over at the link?

What’s so great about this co-op anyway?

But perhaps you’re wondering why should you care whether the Co-Op succeeds. What’s so different or cool about this thing you keep blathering about?

You mean apart from allowing indie game designers a shot at publishing a game? Apart from the fact that it is based on profit-sharing and the idea of creators owning their own labour? Apart from giving creating a collective where everyone is rooting for their joint success, because everyone succeeds when you succeed together?

Or were you thinking more about the mentorship side of things, where people have the opportunity to learn from others? Not just about the design of your own games, but more broadly with the different aspects of the business that you need to become successful?

Apart from that? Well, let’s give the words over to Olivia Hill, whose Discord served as the place where this all began:

All of which is meant to say: support a bunch of really cool people who are involved in an important endeavour and support this site at the same time. Everyone wins!

Join us!

For more information about the Co-Op and everything we’re doing, you can follow the announcements via the official twitter account at @sanjenarocoop.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to get your copy of Volume 2 now!

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