TennoCon 2020 – First Thoughts

You had me at ‘hello’, Digital Extremes! TennoCon 2020 was mind-blowing to say the least. “The Heart of Deimos” introduces a new open world, a new warframe called Xaku, and a long-awaited revamp of the ‘new player experience’ – and then they hit us with the Helminth Chrysalis system. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

But it wasn’t just the big ticket items that had me glued to my seat and enjoying every second of it. The Sound and Art Panel discussion was so engrossing. Hearing about how the music and sound effects for the game is created, and seeing the voice actors who lend their talent in creating iconic characters, was top-notch. I’d be more than happy if there was another OST in the works.

So let’s get into what made TennoCon 2020 so great to me.

Heart of Deimos

Just hang a left at Mars to explore a new open world infested with… well.. the “Infestation”. Hats off to the Art department for what can only be described as breath-taking and immersive landscapes. Exploring underground caves is going to be epic, especially with the news that these systems will change. Such a nice touch! And a huge thumbs-up to what I call the “K-Drive Bug”. Just imagine doing mad moves and fighting your way through the infested… Yes, please! Also some new NPCs to interact with. When “Mother” erupted from the mass of swirling tentacles, I was both horrified and mesmerised. Not to mention those titan-sized worms and their feud – a sibling rivalry of sorts.

Xaku – The Broken Warframe

Xaku is a new warframe created with input from the Warframe community. Let’s just pause there for a second. The words “input from the community” is like music to my ears and hits me right in the feels. That is the best thing a gaming company can do.

The whole concept of Xaku being made up of parts of other Warframes that were lost in battle, and the idea that Xaku will be using void energy-based abilities is great. That one ability where Xaku takes enemy weapons and turns it on them (and the weapons scale to the level of the enemies) had me up off my seat and doing air-punches and shouting “Yaaaaaas!!!”

New Player Experience

A few of my friends recently began playing Warframe and one common thread in our chats was that they feel a bit lost at the beginning – not quite knowing what to do next or how to do it. After choosing your starting warframe, things get a tad tricky. (I chose Volt; hehehe.) I was lucky when I first started, as I had a friend who showed me the ropes and guided me through it, because they had more gaming hours clocked on the game and had already gone through the teething stage. The New Player Experience will hopefully change all of that.

The Helminth Chrysalis System

Finally Helminth evolved from a scary zit popping dentist chair to feed me and I will give you a power from another warframe after I have ingested them. Both unsettling and super amazingly, mind-blowingly cool. It’s a level of customisation that I didn’t see coming and I can’t wait to use it. I was already imagining how I will customise my Nezha, haha.

The 25th of August is when this will all be made available across all the platforms; the date is already circled and underlined in red on my calendar. I simply cannot wait because it also coincides with a bit of leave for me. Guess what I’ll be doing most of the time.

You can watch all of the presentations on the Warframe Twitch channel, here.

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