San Jenaro Digest Vol. 2 – Out now!

Hey, I edited a bunch of these, so I thought I would give this volume a boost on the site. So here goes!

So you bought the Short Games Digest: Volume 1, by #SanJenaroCoOp and want more? You’re in luck – we just launched the SDG Volume 2! $10 gets you 21 complete RPGs that are short, fun, and easy to run.

Why run short games like this? Happy to tell you more.

Do you spend weeks planning a TTRPG campaign, only for your players to cancel at the last minute, or ignore the main plot, or complain that it wasn’t what they signed up for? Do they complain the rules are too complicated, or too boring, or confusing? Well, no more!

Play any short game in either Short Games Digest and you can start the game with everyone around the table, whenever you have the chance, and start playing it that same session. And if you don’t like it – there are 20 others in the same book! What a bargain.

I guess what I’m saying is: buy the Short Games Digest: Volume 2, and support a co-op built on creatives working together and sharing the profits of their own labour, and get a fantastic collection of games.

I edited four of these, and I loved the experience of helping some of these find their final shape. Now I can’t wait to hear from people who’ve played them. If you’ve ever wanted to run a game with minimal prep, don’t just have one – have twenty-one!

I would keep gushing – and I might still add another post later, to consolidate a bunch of great promotional tweets and threads. But for now, let me end off by crediting the amazing artists who contributed to the beautiful header image at the top of this page.

Like the cover for Volume 1, the gorgeous cover art for Volume 2 was designed by Kamapon.

The promo banner was designed by the magnificent Francita. She earned high praise from Liam Ginty. (Liam, by the way, did an amazing amount of work for the Co-Op and is a major reason it’s achieved as much as it has.)

Don’t just listen to me, listen to Liam!

You can find Francita’s contact details below:

You can commission something *amazing* from Kamapon here:

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