Nezha “Super Saiyan” build

Having recently reached Mastery Rank 15 in Warframe (inching towards 16), I figured this was a good place to pause and take stock. I’m still very much a Nezha stan and like most gamers out there, I want to be really good at playing my main. I still have loads to learn about the game. So how to get good … that’s the question.

So there’s the technical research, i.e. looking at mods to improve the strength and duration of his abiilties and potatoing the french fries out of him to increase mod capacity. By the way, I’ve potatoed him eight times. (Potatoing? Yes, it’s a word!)

Given that I’m by nature an analytical person, I soon lost myself in the realm of “analysis paralysis” – chasing improved stats. Hours spent in wikis and watching YouTube channels specialising in Warframe and weapon builds. I really enjoyed the episodes posted by Grind Hard Squad and LeyzarGamingViews – their content is fun, exciting and above all, they really know their stuff! I highly recommend tuning in and subscribing to their channels.

I started feeling confident in trying to create the best Nezha I possibly can given what I know. So confident in fact that I called his mod loadout “Super Saiyan” – yo, I’m a Goku stan as well! I’m certain that there are way better builds out there and I fully advocate experimenting with various builds until you get that “ah ha” moment.

“I am a warrior, pure of heart, awakened by rage. I am the legendary Super Saiyan, Son Goku Nezha!”

So here’s what I’m running for my “Super Saiyan” build which will give his abilities that extra boost.

Duration: 125%, Efficiency: 80%, Range: 100% and Strength: 314%. The mod layout and ranks are as follows:

  • Aura Mod: Growing Power (5/5)
  • Exulis Mod: Power Drift (5/5)
  • Naramon: Primed Flow (8/10)
  • Madurai: Transient Fortitude (7/10)
  • Naramon: Augur Secrets (5/5)
  • Madurai: Primed Continuity (8/10)
  • Maduari: Blind Rage (9/10)
  • Naramon: Streamline (5/5)
  • Madurai: Intensify (5/5)
  • Zenurik: Controlled Slide (5/5)

All I need now is more Endo!

Hope you enjoy the build and if you have any suggestions or build you wanna share please drop it in the comments section below! 🙂

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