New blog, who dis?

LTR Illidan Stormrage, Spock, Spike, Cthulhu, and Nord, with superfriends in the background
Just some of my obsessions

Hail and well met, internet-weary traveller! Welcome to the NerdVerse! Or one version of it, at any rate. After all, there is so much nerdy goodness out in the world, one NerdVerse wouldn’t be enough to contain it. And that is a marvellous thing.

That’s the reason for this blog, really.

I haven’t always been a nerd, but I have always wanted to be. Even before I could understand what that meant, or why it would be fun, or great, or rewarding. But I have always loved books, because they let you imagine all kinds of mischief you could get up to if you made the time for it. And living with the internet is like living in a library that never ends.

This started as a way for me to keep track of all the nerdy things that occupy my time. And a place to show off the results of all that nerding. After all, being a nerd takes lots of work and you want to be able to boast about it, right? (That’s not just me. Right?) And it’s easy to get distracted, when my wishlists and to-do lists keep trying to outdistance each other. (There’s a reason both lists are plural.)

But then I had to think about what could possibly make this relevant to anyone else. And … I’ve got nothing. Except that you might find it as difficult to keep track of your nerdy obsessions as I do. Hopefully, something here will inspire you to continue a long-term project, or to start something you’ve never tried before. Because that’s what being a nerd means to me – a chance to keep learning cool new things that just blow my mind. If this blog thing works, it may just blow your mind occasionally, too.

A lot of what you’ll find here is available in various places across the internet, and even in old-school libraries. (Not sure what old school libraries are full of. Teenage angst, presumably.) I will frequently be recommending other sites and resources to you, and suggest great people to follow or learn from. And you will be amazed and astonished at how many things you can obsess about. I keep surprising myself, honestly.

Lastly, a few things about who I am. I’m a gay, white, cisgendered male nerd who lives in South Africa. I believe in women’s rights, I’d love to see a LOT more diversity among nerds, and socialism is the answer. Although this isn’t intended to be a highly political blog, you will definitely hear my political opinions from time to time. So if you think “SJW” is an insult, maybe find somewhere else. Preferably a very deep hole under a large, heavy rock, somewhere far away.

As far as the site is concerned, you can expect to see many posts about boardgames (like, a LOT). But you’ll also read about computer games, apps and tools, music, Star Trek, movies, television, crafting, roleplaying games, and a variety of related subjects. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy learning in the process.

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