New Blog, Who Dis? (Take 2)

Apologies for my long absence. Life got unexpectedly exciting for a while, so writing had to take a back seat. During the hiatus, I decided to rethink the purpose of this blog, which had taken an unwelcome capitalist turn. Because gaming shouldn’t be something only well-off white people can enjoy.

TL;DR The blog still focuses on nerdy stuff, but I will be looking at ways to do so as cheaply as possible.

As a nerd, it’s easy to lose yourself in the urge to acquire stuff. Really, for anyone living in a capitalist system. For a month or two I’ve been watching the number of marketing emails I’ve signed myself up for, which regularly show you a myriad ways to spend money on nerd stuff. The only limit is the number of things you’re into – franchises, genres, media, what have you. (Oh, and the need to spend money on food, medicine, and other things to keep yourself alive. Capitalism!)

I consider myself an all-purpose nerd, so there are few things I wouldn’t collect: books, boardgames, movies, RPGs, you name it. After all, one reason I started the blog was to keep track of all my obsessions. But the point gets lost if all you focus on is the physical or digital artifacts that cost money. And “buying stuff” is not what I want to write about. So that’s how I ended up where I did – objects can fun, but they aren’t really the point.

Instead of ploughing on in the same vein, I decided to take a break and come back when I had a better idea of what I wanted the blog to be. And here we are!

So what can you expect in the year ahead? (What’s left of it, anyway. Apparently my superpowers are procrastination and over-commitment.)

I’ve been working on a whole swath of things, game-wise, in the ‘off season’, and it seems like a waste not to share that with people. Much of it involves finding ways to add atmosphere to games while reducing the work you need to do to prepare for them. Some of it uses tools or services that are subscription based; I have also made some relatively cheap once-off purchases that make a big difference. But my hope is to keep adding recommendations for things that are free or close-to-free.

So my next post will introduce something that I hope to make a regular feature, namely the playlists I curate for my tabletop RPG sessions. The goal is to make a bunch of stuff available that people can use to run or enhance their games. I’d also like to do a few free resources for GMs and players, based on existing free-to-use material.

Occasionally, I’ll be posting more serious articles. But I will warn you about those when they go live. I’m thinking either a separate category or a more specific content warning at the start, or both. Write me a comment if you have strong feelings either way.

Wall-E, contemplating a d20

In the meantime, enjoy some pics & video featuring the other thing that has recently kept me busy: our cats!

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