Learning to play well with others

Welcome to a new section of NerdVerse! This is the first installment of an ongoing series I like to call: “Social Skills for Nerds, or How to Avoid Being a Dick while Nerding Out with Other People.” Because being a nerd is no excuse for being a crappy human being.

If you’re going to join a roleplaying group,  the best thing you can do is learn how to play well with others. In my opinion this is much more important than anything else, at all, ever. It’s more important than knowing the rules, or understanding combat, or thinking strategically. Because how you behave at the gaming table will overshadow everything else, regardless of how experienced you are.

I will share my opinions about this in more detail, based on what I’ve learned from my own gaming experiences – good and bad. For now, I wanted to use the opportunity to recommend a great resource for people who want to get into RPGs.

A few months back, when I was looking for ways to improve my own game as GM, I found this delightful South African YouTube channel. And now you can too! (Well, you always could, I suppose, and you may have done so already. In which case, bravo!) This ENnie-nominated channel, How to be a Great GM, used to be two separate channels. One focused on teaching people how to be better players, and the other – which now comprises the bulk of the content – focused on becoming a better gamemaster.

Below I’ve linked three videos from this channel that I found particularly useful. All of them contain valuable advice about what it means to be a good RPG player or GM.

On the subject: If you’re new to RPGs – either as a gamemaster or as a player – you should really check out this channel. If you enjoy the videos, consider supporting them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GreatGameMaster I know I do!

For players:

For gamemasters:

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