Free Games Digest 2020

It’s international #FreeRPGDay! What does that mean? Why, lots of free RPG stuff!

The San Jenaro Co-Op’s Free Games Digest 2020 includes 3 great game resources for the sweet, sweet price of free!

What do you get?

  1. Paleo Party quickstart+adventure by @BasiliskOnline
  2. Aces High, a short, setting-agnostic RPG system by @ProperGoffic
  3. Forresst’s Big Pile of Tables by @yayitsforresst

Layout courtesy of @byfrancitaArt by @BriDanann & @BasiliskOnline; editing by ZwodderZA.

Paleo Party: A Jurassic Journey Quickstart & Adventure is a quickstart + adventure for a Land Before Time-inspired PbtA-style game. It includes all the rules you need to play, some premade characters, and an adventure for 3-6 people over the course of a few hours. I’ve seen Paleo Party and it is adorable. You have no idea. If you’re tired of RPGs that are all combat all the time, or if you love dinosaurs, or know someone who loves them, you need to get and play this.

Aces High is a short, no-fuss RPG system that uses standard playing cards and basic RPG concepts to let you Create Your Own RPG in a Setting of Your Choosing. Think of it as a Choose Your Own RPG Adventure!

Feel stuck for ideas and suddenly have a bunch of players hankering for a Free RPG Day game? Need to succeed on a last-minute IDEA roll? Forresst’s Big Pile of Tables to Make Up Fantasy Stuff When You Just Aren’t Really Feelin’ It is just for you! Roll d10s, design an adventure!

Between Forresst’s Big Pile of Tables and Aces High, you could be set up and be ready to play pretty much any game you can imagine in an matter of minutes. What are you waiting for?

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