Character creation is fun!

This week, we’ve been having fun messing around with character creation for various video game RPGs. Below you can see the first write-ups for two of the characters ZwodderZA will be playing on stream over the next year or so.

The character design for both was done by GayGrimalkin, and the write-up is by ZwodderZA. The first is a character for Star Trek Online, and the second is one we’ll be playing in all of the Elder Scrolls games, from Morrowind to Elder Scrolls Online.

We hope you enjoy this installment of Character Creation with the Nerds, and join us for some fun and mayhem on a stream soon!

Kronos Rirsiaystoo

Meet Kronos Rhaetian Rirsiaystoo, newly appointed captain of the USS Aorangi. He is a P’thellan, one of several sentient aquatic species that inhabit the ocean world, Phan’Ttlassica. The P’thellans live in enormous underwater cities, where they have developed advanced technology to deal with the challenges of life below the waves and allowed their society to flourish. Originally, their physiology was adapted for life underwater, but they eventually lost many of their adaptations for sub-aquatic life, including their ability to breathe water, as they came to rely increasingly on their technology. However, their culture and society is still heavily based around life in the ocean and their ability to thrive underwater remains undiminished.

May he, and all his crew, LLAP!

The USS Aorangi on her first mission with her new crew.

Rindarys Uvarothi

Meet Rindarys Uvarothi, Dunmer adventurer extraordinaire! Rindarys has lived through every epoch since at least the Second Era. Evidence of his exploits appear across Tamriel, and many a bard’s tale tells of the warrior’s victories and failures. Whether because of a curse, or because he enjoys the favor of the gods, remains the subject of debate. Some whisper that he died and was resurrected many times. Some scholarly observers claim these are stories about similar but unrelated Dunmer who share nothing more than a name. One iconoclast has suggested it is a hereditary title passed down through successive generations of an ancient and mischievous guild, but most dismiss this as spiteful heresy.

Longevity … or reincarnation?

Everyone agrees on the following. As a youth, Rindarys was said to dabble with other weapons and schools of magic, but in his maturity he favoured heavy armor, conjuration magic, and daggers. Away from battle, he favored calmer pursuits like alchemical experiments, smithing, and enchanting. He is also said to have amassed a library of rare and unique books and trophies. Who knows – perhaps you may run across a Rindarys on one of your own adventures some day.